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Responsive Design with ZURB Foundation

Foundation by Zurb. This workshop is available for presentation at conferences or to public or private groups. It's currently available in a 3-hour half-day or 6-hour full-day format. Contact Jen to schedule this workshop for your group.

About This Workshop

Learn one of the hottest emerging front-end frameworks and incorporate it into your work tomorrow. Follow along and learn how to build a ZURB Foundation-based website from scratch, incorporating the responsive grid system, see the basic CSS in action, incorporate Javascript-based components, and customize CSS using Sass.

Students will leave this workshop ready to set up their own Foundation-based site, including familiarity with the grid system, basic CSS, JavaScript plugins, and techniques for manipulating CSS using Sass or other techniques.

Learning Objectives

  • Downloading Foundation and incorporating it into an HTML document
  • Working with the Foundation responsive grid system
  • Exploring Foundation's core CSS, overriding this CSS using standard CSS techniques
  • Creating and styling interactive menus with Foundation, including dropdown, responsive, and offcanvas menus
  • Incorporating jQuery plugins with Foundation, including alerts, modal windows, image carousels, accordion windows, and more
  • Full day workshop: Customizing Foundation using Sass


Students should have a solid understanding of hand-coded HTML5. Some background in Sass, CSS, and JavaScript/jQuery is nice, but not required.