Jen Kramer

Curriculum Design • Technology Instructor

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Jen presents a keynote on reactive technology at the CMS Expo conference, Evanston, IL, May 2013.

Jen has presented at conferences in the United States, Europe, Australia, and Central America.

Jen is known for her unique style of explaining the theory and logic behind the software and its features first, followed by putting that logic into action in using the software interface. This methodology improves learning and retention, since the audience understands the correct way to think about a problem before starting to click the buttons. As a result, many presentations have few slides, and most are created as notes for the audience to use for later reference.

Jen is available to speak on dozens of topics pertaining to web design and development, website planning, interface design, usability, and accessibility. Contact Jen for more information.

Past presentations are available via SlideShare.