Joomla 4.0 Essential Training

If you’re a day-to-day Joomla! user, you know it was a long wait for the latest version of the open-source content management system. But at long last, you can rejoice—Joomla! 4 is here. Discover the enhancements and latest features of Joomla! 4 with instructor Jen Kramer, as she unpacks all things content-related and gives you the tools you need to get the most out of this highly anticipated release.

Learn how to configure Joomla! 4 and get started exploring categories, articles, menus, display options, and more. Find out what the latest version offers for modules and components, along with a handful of important extensions and tips on how to use them. Jen walks through everything you need to know about working with templates to control the look of your site and managing access control lists to configure user access and site permissions. Along the way, she provides practice challenges that allow you to test your new skills.

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