Jen walks you through the difference between em and rem (root-relative em). Understand when to use each unit and follow along in CodePen.

In March 2020, many educators hastily moved online for the first time. Jen has over 20 years of experience teaching online, so she provided a few pointers for quality online teaching.

Jen’s No Code Conf 2021 talk focused on planning your website or app BEFORE choosing technologies to build it. View Notion worksheets that go with this talk.

Jen’s 2019 No Code Conf talk focused on the mindset and mental models of those coming to no-code for the first time as “accidental web designers.”

In 2017, Jen presented a talk on how to give a good technical talk at the Women Techmaker’s Montreal conference. Learn to give a better talk  — show, don’t tell, and it’s not about you!

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