Practical CSS for No-Coders

If you’re using a no-code tool to build your website, you may find it looks a bit generic. How can you make the site uniquely your own? CSS comes to the rescue! CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is responsible for anything pretty on the web, including colors, fonts, layouts, and much more. Just a little bit of CSS code can give you the customizations you need, and web design and development instructor Jen Kramer shows you exactly how to do it. Jen introduces you to CodePen, a tool used for working with HTML and CSS within a web browser, then goes over what CSS does and how it’s structured. She explains how to use selectors to apply CSS to your page, then dives into CSS colors, images, boxes, sizes, and type. Plus, Jen covers more advanced CSS concepts and properties, like styling links, understanding inheritance, and debugging your creation.

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