Programming No-Code Integrations with Zapier

If you ever find yourself doing the same kinds of tasks over and over, you’ve probably wished that you could send out notifications via Slack or text message automatically when these tasks are done, instead of always relying on email. If that sounds familiar, then Zapier may be just the thing you need. Zapier allows you to connect different web technologies, without knowing a single line of code.

Join instructor and web design expert Jen Kramer as she shows you how to integrate and automate your workflow—so you can save time you didn’t even know you were losing. Get started with a basic understanding of Zapier before you explore templates and set out making connections of your own. By the end of this course, you’ll have the skills you need to integrate Gmail with Google Drive, Twitter with Google Sheets, Webflow with Airtable, and more, planning your own automations with confidence for better time management today.

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